How To Become and Stay Well

Chronic Diseases in western society are rampant. So why have cancer, dementia, macular degeneration, obesity, diabetes, etc. become such a huge problem.

When I was a young boy most were rare. So what has changed in the last sixty-five years?

Three things – the food we eat, the medications of today and the negative emotions that are spread via social media and the like.

I have been working to remove negative emotions for the last nineteen years, and although I can remove depression, anxiety and all negative emotions in one session, I always felt there was something missing.

Take cancer. I have treated many with cancer over the years and although I could halt the progress of cancer, I could never remove it. I had read books like “Love medicine and miracles “ by Bernie Siegel MD in the early nineties, telling how cancer patients became cancer free apparently through the mind only,(it never told you how) I had never found the way.

It wasn’t until I read two books that I understood exactly what causes these terrible diseases.

The books were “Healing is voltage” by Dr. Jerry Tennant and “The great American health hoax” by Raymond Francis. I would advise everyone, especially health professionals to read them.

They both nearly died of different severe problems. Both recovered by understanding how we work. To simplify what they came up with follows-

Jerry Tennant said the body is made up of cells and if he could mend one cell, he could mend them all. Raymond Francis worked out the cells need the correct vitamins and minerals and to remove the toxins within a cell. They both came to the same conclusion – each cell works because it has a battery within it, The cell works at a negative voltage of -20  to -25 millivolts. If the voltage goes down,(remember this is negative voltage) to -10 mv then we become unwell. If it goes down so far that it changes to a positive voltage of +30mv  – cancer occurs.

Tennant discovered that there was a relationship between the voltage of the cell and the pH of the body. The pH is the acidity or alkalinity of the body. The scale of pH goes from 0-14. 7 is neutral neither acid nor alkaline.  We should run (our blood) slightly alkaline at 7.44 which equated to a cell voltage of-25mv. Children run at 7.61.

So by measuring the pH using pH strips or a pH meter (we can’t test the blood so we use saliva or urine) you can see if your cells are working ok. Saliva and urine are 0.8 less than the blood so 7.44 blood would equate to 6.64 urine.. That is what we aim for.

The pH of the body can be changed with the correct vitamins and minerals,  eating the correct foods and removing the negative emotions which probably caused the pH to fall very low in the first place as both men agree as does a lot of the scientific community that every chronic disease starts with a negative emotion.

So the first thing I do with a client is to remove all those negative emotions. Then I take from the books the advice given to raise the pH higher still until it reaches 6.7 (urine)  which is where cancer and most other diseases become dormant. To remove the cancer etc the pH must go up to 7.8 where the cancer cells will die. Incidentally, if you can maintain a pH of between 6.6 and 6.8 you will never have cancer or most other diseases.

After removing the negative emotions (which causes the pH to drop the most) the following is a basic list to start increasing one’s pH to the required level.

Food –

  1. Don’t consume any cooking oils except coconut oil. This means don’t eat any takeaways or restaurant food as they are cooked in vegetable oil.
  2. Don’t eat any processed food.
  3. Don’t eat any canned food.
  4. Don’t eat any spreads or salad dressings that contain rapeseed oil or anything else that contains rapeseed oil. Eat butter (not spreadable) and lots of it.
  5. Don’t drink sodas, colas, fruit juice (unless it is home squeezed) Colas have a pH of 2.5 which is the same as your stomach acid.
  6. Take three tablespoons of coconut oil a day after your three meals unless the meal was cooked in coconut oil. (if you are male and take too much in a day, you will have gout, very painful).
  7. Eat as many raw foods as you can, fresh fruit and vegetables. Buy organic when you can. If you cook the vegetables, steam them.
  8. Eat at least 1 organic eggs a day.
  9. Depending on your blood group I shall have told you about your consumption of meat.
  10. Drink 1 to 2 litres of filtered water.  Check if your water has fluoride in it. If it has, take 9mg of Boron a day before bed to neutralise it.
  11. Depending on your blood group especially if you are “A” take 1 648mg Betaine HCL capsule just before each meal to provide you with more acid to digest your food.
  12. Remove sugar from your diet and anything with added sugar in it.
  13. Remove wheat, (includes bread, pizzas, pasta. Pies, biscuits, cake etc. and any food made with wheat).
  14. Remove all potatoes except sweet potatoes.
  15. Remove white salt,(use Himalayan salt)
  16. Follow your blood group diet with the above exceptions to ensure proper digestion.

Vitamins and minerals:

  1. If your illness is chronic, take 3 grams of vitamin C. This may make your stools very loose. Take as much vitamin C as you can without having loose stools.
  2. Take 1500mg of calcium a day dropping to 1200 when your pH reaches 6.7 or more. Make sure the calcium comes with magnesium and vitamin D3. (buy 250mg tabs). Take two tablets three times a day. Or a powder form containing 400mg calcium, 500mg vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. (Use the powder once a day and the tablets twice a day.
  3. Take 3 capsules of phytoplankton a day
  4. Take 1mg of fulvic acid a day
  5. Take a vitamin B complex of B6, B9, B12.
  6. If you eat meat and you cannot buy organic meat then take 1 Probiotic capsule a day (50 billion CFU)


You must exercise every day; the best way is to use a mini-trampoline together with a stepper or similar. One to two hundred jumps 2 or 3 times a day. Stepper or bike time depends on your blood group. Use small weights to exercise the arms. This must be done to activate your lymphatic system (Garbage disposal system) You may experience a great loss of weight, down to your natural weight as most of the so-called fat we carry is in fact mucin.


Sleep for 7 – 9 hours a night. Sleep in a dark room. No phones or electrical devices in the room.( They affect the melatonin required to keep you asleep.)


Loud Noise causes the body to lose both calcium and magnesium. Losing calcium causes acidity in the body.

Testing your pH

Buy a pH meter to check your pH at least twice a day. When it reaches 6.7 your cancer cells become dormant. When your pH reaches 7.8 the cancer cells will die.


Make a computer daily diary to include what you ate and times, your exercise and times, your urine pH and times Second of the day and mid-afternoon. Add more if you want to.  If you have a negative emotion, remove it with Rone and record it with the time. Your pH is dependent on you not releasing stress hormones which turns the body acidic.

There you have it, No drugs, or surgery to remove the problems you have, but I urge you to read the books as all the explanations are there.


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