Why you become ill.

So this is how your body works and why some people are more prone to the Coronavirus than others in very simple words.

We are made up of trillions of cells and even more bugs. We have lived with them in harmony since the dawn of time so long as our physical and mental circumstances remain within certain parameters.

Those parameters are summed up in five words – the acidity of the body. Why is this the key to us staying well or becoming ill or dying?

Answer – The bugs we live with, in most cases are alive but dormant. They wake up when our slightly alkaline pH becomes acidic. When we are very young our pH is generally higher than when you are an adult, (which is why coronavirus has less effect on them.) As we age, we become more acidic through the worry and stress of life. The more acidic we become, the less oxygen we have in our cells, the more bugs wake up, the more health problems we have.

When the body turns acidic, which is where people with chronic diseases are, they have very little chance of ever becoming well without becoming less acidic. If it drops down to very acidic, cancer of some type will take over the body.

Why would it drop so low? The main cause is stress. It is now well accepted in science and medical circles, that every chronic disease starts with a negative emotion. Anything you have a serious problem with, that you do not resolve quickly, will cause your pH to drop. Continual mental stress releases stress hormones, the main one of which is Cortisol. This will thicken the blood, (to prevent bleed out if injured in battle) which does not thin if the stress is ongoing. Cortisol enriched blood can lead to heart and other problems.

The other thing that has happened, is your blood has become acidic. People with cancer will always be able to tell you what emotional problem caused their cancer, it will have been a very traumatic event to them. That event will have released their cortisol to an ongoing state and caused their pH to go very acidic.

So the pH has dropped and you have become acidic, so what happens now?

When your pH drops, the oxygen levels in your cells drop as well. When the oxygen drops, the bugs that were dormant in a slightly alkaline oxygenated environment – wake up.  The bugs then start to enter the cells where the energy is stored in the way of glucose and they begin to feed.

If a virus is lurking by, then it too will have a feast. The virus replicates in a less oxygenated cell, once the energy in the cell has been exhausted the cell dies.. The virus replicants follow the same pattern. If they enter a properly oxygenated cell, then they will be destryed by the cell’s defence mechanism.

Other bugs of which there are hundreds of varieties start to cause chaos. What we call autoimmune diseases (arthritis etc) are simply caused by the hungry bacteria that have woken up.

The more acidic one becomes, the less oxygen in the cells, the more bugs wake up and the more ill you become.

Your doctor looks at the symptoms of the woken bugs and gives you a drug to calm the symptoms, (usually pain, a rash, bad feelings, etc).

What Doctors should have done is find out which bugs are causing the problem and eliminated them – oh I forgot, they don’t know how, they were never taught it was the bugs, they certainly were never taught how to remove them, but Life Enhancers know. Doctors know very little about pH. If they did, they would understand why we have the illness.

So now you know, what causes everything from the common cold (caused by a virus) to cancer to multiple sclerosis – all illnesses. The answer is – OUT of control parasites, bacteria or viruses because you have a low pH.

The cause of out of control bugs is stress, which causes acidity. Remove the stress as it comes, the body remains in an alkaline state and the bugs will remain dormant. The Doc. offers drugs for the symptoms of stress but again does not know how to remove the stress, but Life Enhancers know how to remove all your stress in one session and go on to teach you how to remove all future stress within 30 seconds. Having no stress keeps you slightly alkaline and all is well.

If you already have a disease, even a bad one (cancer, diabetes, M.S, tremors, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, etc.) which are all caused by the bad bugs, Doc. doesn’t know how to remove them (except infection bacteria which can be eradicated with antibiotics along with most of your essential stomach flora)

There are cases where sensitive people who are alkaline, live in a negative environment. They absorb other negative people’s negative energy which causes them to become acidic. If you are one of those people, try and distance yourself from the negative people. You know you will feel better.

Oh, that pH stuff –

pH is a scale of acidity to alkaline of the blood. 1 is total acid and 14 is total alkaline. 7 is neutral, neither acid nor alkaline. We operate just above that neutral level around 7.3. We cannot measure the blood, but we can measure the urine which runs at 0.8 less than the blood. So 7.4 blood would be 6.6 urine. If you can keep your pH at that level or slightly higher, you should never become ill and the Coronavirus or any other virus will have little effect on you.

Now you know.

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