The Mind – Body Link

It appears that many people are unaware of the mind-body link. (Negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions cause most of what the body suffers) Some people, charitable organisations and health professionals adamantly deny such a thing exists.

But the mind-body link is very easy to understand – It’s all to do with the pH of the body.

The pH scale goes from 1 to 14. It is the measurement of acid/alkaline in the body. 7 is neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline. We should run slightly alkaline at 7.3 blood measurement. We measure it with saliva or urine which is always 0.8 less. On that scale, we should run at 6.5. Doctors never check your pH. They are not taught how important it is. Click here for a simple test.

When we become stressed, stress hormones are released. These stress hormones cause the body to become more acidic. Women can often taste this when they kiss their stressed partners. (It tastes bitter) Normally the stress passes and normality returns,

For many people, returning to normality does not happen. The stress turns into depression and/or anxiety with fear, anger, guilt, etc. not far away. As this continues the stress hormones still flow, causing many changes in the body, because –

As the pH lowers, so does the oxygen in the cells. When the oxygen lowers, the bugs within us – parasites, bacteria and viruses wake up from their normal dormant state and start to consume parts of us. These bugs cannot function when the pH is normal and the cells are oxygenated. As they feed, we feel pain. If your pH goes lower, then too many wake up and disease starts, At 5 or less cancer could, if conditions are right, commence.

The problems all started with negative emotions, which caused stress, which caused the pain, which…………

Remove the negative emotions, it never starts. The pH stays normal and so will you.

There is a saying now going through the scientific community “Every chronic disease starts with a negative emotion” Gabor Maté M.D. wrote a book in 2003 “When the body says no” a compilation of case histories which illustrates many times where negative emotions go on to cause chronic diseases.

The problem is western drug-based medicine has no idea how to remove the negative emotions. The best thing they have come up with is Opioids. (some drugs manufacturer saw that heroin stopped physical pain.)

Opioids, like heroin, dull the brain, stop the negative thoughts and emotions from entering the sub-conscious. That stops the stress hormones and the pain goes away. The problem is, when your pills run out, your pain returns and so do those terrible thoughts. You can’t remove those terrible thoughts/emotions or pain, so you have to keep taking the drug to keep you pain-free. Now you are classified as an addict.

The other problem is these opioids cause more acidity in yhe body.

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