Sex Professionals

Any and all of the mental scars you carry can be removed in a few hours. Life Enhancers developed a therapy called RONE™ (Removal of Negative Emotions) and have 18 years of experience using it. We never judge you or criticise you.

Whether you are working in the sex industry out of choice or necessity, you are essential to society. Known as the oldest profession in the world, it sometimes comes with very negative emotions, such as guilt, fear, anger and so on that you carry with you every day.

Your negative emotions, feelings or thoughts may have come from a time when you were a child, a time that imprinted mental scars you still carry today.

To escape these bad feelings and emotions, it is easy to turn to alcohol or drugs. The escape as you know is temporary until you get your next fix or drink. The drugs may also make you reliant on others.

I had one client who said her drugs kept here alive because if you didn’t have them, her bad negative thoughts would have made her commit suicide. We removed her bad negative thoughts in a few hours and now she works more as a sex social worker in the trade.

Not only will we remove all of your mental scars, feelings, and emotions, we will also teach you how to remove any other negatives that will come your way in the future. It will take you about 2 minutes to remove each one.

We also give you back up for the following year, should you need it.

If you have no need of us now, remember this site, Life Enhancers or Rone™ Therapy. You may need us at some time in the future, or pass it on to anyone you feel might need our help.

We are the only people in the world that offer removal of all your negativities in a few hours.


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