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Life Enhancers are the foremost authority in the world at removing depression in just one session, along with anxiety, stress, PTSD, any and all other negative feelings and emotions.

These days most health professionals, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. have been taught that it is very important to understand a client’s problem, what the symptoms are, and what caused the problem. They ask you what the problem is, then from previous experiences of others, they give it a name. They go on to address the symptoms with drugs and expect all will be well.

I was one of those clients, but with my poor health, I was never interested in what my problem was or what had caused my problems; like most people, I was only interested in how to feel better.

I knew how I felt, most times bad. If I wasn’t struggling to breathe with my chronic asthma, or sneezing and wheezing with my allergic to the 20th-century syndrome, I attracted another problem, arthritis.  Arthritis in my hips, which became so bad I was using sticks or crutches to get about. I knew what was wrong with me I hurt and was feeling bad about life.

arthritisHello, my name is Anthony Grant.   That was me then, today I don’t have asthma, my allergies are gone and I don’t have arthritis.  I am fitter now than I have ever been and that is because I don’t have any negative emotions, I don’t have any insecurities, I do have high self-esteem and confidence which is what I instill in all of my clients  It is all achieved by using a therapy that will remove all negative emotions and feelings.

Over 20 years ago, I met a lady who introduced me to therapy. She showed me that therapy could help alleviate some of my problems,  She showed me an energy therapy which did help me a bit with my arthritic pain. It wasn’t much, but it was a start and it got me thinking, how does this stuff work?

If I had been a psychologist or any sort of psychoanalyst, I would have never entertained such ideas, they would have been totally against my learning. I would have been taught that anything other than conventional western medicine is quackery. I would never have learnt about my Life Energy and how it can be used to do what most people consider amazing.

I am not a learned man, but I am an educated one. I know more about this therapy than anyone else because I researched many therapies, how did they work and why did they work. Not only did they all need an ongoing therapist to administer the help, but also none could bring me total relief from my pain and asthma.

I studied these therapies for some time and came to the conclusion that they were too inefficient and complicated for the average person to learn and help themselves as many people couldn’t afford ongoing therapy sessions. As necessity is the mother of invention, ( I have a couple of patents to my name) I decided that perhaps with what I had learned, I could develop an efficient simple system that could be used by anyone

The most important thing I found was the mind-body link.

When I was angry, my pain was worse; when I addressed my anger the pain was less. It took me quite a while. I had many questions and no answers, (the internet was too young to help) so I had to find my own answers. I worked on myself as I was the ideal test subject.

Eventually, I developed a therapy simple enough that any person, once shown could use. I called it Rone™ Therapy. It will remove any negative emotion/thought/feeling within thirty seconds. It amazes me sometimes what else it can do for my clients. It is so amazing, that when my clients tell others about their experience with Rone™, very few believe them, as I doubt you believe what you are reading. We have all been brainwashed by a medical system that is bent on treating the symptoms of a problem with drugs and surgery. They have a serious problem in dealing with mental health, which is what the Rone™ System was designed for.

I have long realised that anyone can do complicated, making a complex answer simple is the difficult part.  Rone™Therapy was developed by looking at what was troubling the client and how the client felt about it. After all, that was my problem, it turns out that most people are not the same, but Rone is adaptable, so works with 99% of people.

Using Rone™Therapy, I have long since removed all my allergies and my asthma has gone, . My lungs had suffered pneumonia twice and having had asthma since I was 18 months old they are not in good shape, but I still manage to go jiving once or twice a week.

Although I developed Rone™Therapy in 2000, it is and always has always been the simplest, quickest (just one session) and gentlest therapy available. It is measurably far quicker and far more efficient and less traumatic than the best of therapies.  It does not require your life story, only the thoughts and feelings that you have a problem with. ( I am an accredited CBT and depression therapist, no comparison, but as part of my ongoing research, I had to see what was going on.)

It soon became apparent to me that removing negative emotions would lead to a longer life (10 to 30 years) as 99% of what our bodies suffer starts with negative emotions.*

We only have two inputs to our life, the emotions we experience, and the food we eat. Having sorted the emotional input to life I set about seeking a diet that would also prolong life. It’s no good in reducing your life by eating the wrong food. It didn’t take long to confirm that one particular diet stood out above others.

By using Rone™Therapy and the diet I advised all my clients to use, I know I shall have prolonged and made happier a great number of people’s lives.

We are all here to enjoy life and all that it brings. Our purpose is to help others do the same.

  • * “When the body says no” by Gabor Maté M.D.


CBT was developed in the 60s by Aaron Beck M.D. He also discovered that the content of one’s automatic thoughts could be placed in three categories, namely negative thoughts about themselves, negative thoughts about the world and negative thoughts about the future

It is here that Dr. Beck started helping his patients identify these negative thoughts and then evaluating them. This led to the patients being able to think a lot more realistically and in turn, the patients used to feel better emotionally and they tended to behave in a more functional manner.

CBT has progressed over the years and when compared to psychoactive medications, review studies have found CBT alone to be as effective for treating less severe forms of depression and anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), tics, substance abuse (with the exception of opioid use disorder), eating disorders and borderline personality disorder. It is often recommended in combination with medications for treating other conditions, such as severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and major depressive disorder, opioid addiction.

In 2000 I went a step further and developed an energy therapy which I called Rone™. Energy therapy, conceived in the early 70s, does not follow the teachings of modern psychotherapies. It does not require the client to understand their negative thoughts and feelings. It does not need the client to identify what it is that makes them feel bad.

Rone™Therapy is the most advanced of all talking therapies in its speed and efficiency of the results. It removes the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is introduced in such a way that you are able to easily help yourself by removing any future negative thoughts or feelings as they appear. Each feeling or emotion takes around 30 seconds to remove once you have been taught how, which happens during the session.

The result of this process is that Rone™ Therapy can treat severe forms of depression and anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), tics, substance abuse including opioid use disorder, eating disorders and borderline personality disorder,  severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and major depressive disorder, opioid addiction.

Rone™ not only removes mental problems, but also removes any related physical pain that has manifested in the body via the mind-body link. It removes most chronic pains, especially back pain where no apparent cause can be found.

Aaron Beck had no idea this concept even existed. In fact, his learning will have told him such things did not exist. Only recently has the medical establishment begun to realise its existence. The pharmaceuticals, which underpin all western medical practices, want nothing to do with it as it is detrimental to their sales. In fact, where drugs have been used, it will take the client a week or so without the drugs for Rone™ to bring the body back into equilibrium. The mind is returned to normality immediately.

Rone™Thearapy takes one 2 – 4 hour session to remove all your emotional problems and a half hour phone call two weeks later to ensure all is ok. CBT takes between 5 and 25 sessions for you to feel different.

Understanding why you feel the way you do after you have been raped does nothing to help with the feeling of disgust, anger, hatred etc. CBT does in most simple cases help, but there are a lot it doesn’t. It is slow and therefore costly. Rone™, on the other hand, is quick to remove all those negative thoughts and feelings. Each feeling or emotion takes around 30 seconds to remove once you have been taught how, which is included during the session. You can then remove all negative thoughts and feelings you may have in the future.

There will be many other uses for Rone™ that we have not had the opportunity to explore.

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