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Simple test – Has your emotional state affected your body?

There is a simple readily available test to check if your body is suffering because of your mental state. It’s called a pH test for acid/alkaline in the body.

The pH scale goes from 1 to 14. 7 is neutral. we run slightly alkaline at 7.35-45. (blood ) we cannot check the blood ph, so we check our saliva or urine which is 0.8 less than blood. Hence our optimum is 6.55-65 on the saliva/urine scale. We will use this scale in all quotes below.

You can buy pH test strips or a pH meter on eBay or Amazon. This pH test is far more important than most people realise. It has been found there is a direct correlation between pH. the oxygen and electrical energy within the cells of the body, which was found by Dr. Jerry Tennant. His comprehensive book “Healing is Voltage”( Kindle or paperback ) explains all  His shortened excellent video (which I suggest you watch first) of the same name is here.

If your pH level falls below 5.6 then the cell’s oxygen level reduces and depending on the solvents and parasites in the body, chronic illness will commence. If cells don’t die but replicate instead of dying, it will lead to what we know as cancer.  By the same ruling, replicating cancer cells will become dormant in a salivary pH of 6.8 and die at 7.6.

The high pH means there is greater oxygen and electrical charge. Keep the cells charged and all is well. Too high (over 8) means your body may be producing ammonia which causes alkalosis.

The scientific community has conclusively found that almost all chronic illnesses start with a negative emotional state. This leads to the release of stress hormones which causes acidity in the body.

If you find your pH level is down, there are requirements to correct it.

Fatty Acids – To make electricity.  The easiest way is to take two ounces of saturated fat in the way of good quality coconut oil a day via cooking or eating, coconut oil is more easily taken up by the body. You cannot make electricity without oxygen. The lack of fatty acids (made from saturated fat) will turn out to be a major cause of ill health once people recognise that the information that saturated fat is bad for us  – is false.

The study promoting this idea was adopted in the 1980s by one researcher’s idea without extensive tests to confirm his statement. The drug companies loved it because they could promote statins.

Taking too much-saturated fat in a short time can lead to gout and other problems. Other cooking oils, rapeseed oil, and all vegetable oils (these replaced saturated fats in the ’70s) are one atom away from plastic because they are heated during the manufacturing process, and make cells that cannot absorb energy from glucose, so the glucose the cells call for is stored as fat cells. It’s all in the book.

Vitamins and Minerals. The correct mix of vitamins and minerals in the way of food or supplements. to provide the building materials the body requires to replicate itself. i.e –  we replicate our skin every six weeks, our retina and macular in the eye every two to three days,  and so on.  Calcium will raise your pH for those in around 5.5, but too much calcium will cause bone spurs, etc. Read the book on Kindle or paperback

Remove your negative emotionsThis above all is the main cause of chronic illness as it continually releases stress hormones which cause acidity in the body. The lower your pH, the less your immune system can fight off bacteria and viruses.  Generally, children have a higher pH, and the elderly a lower pH, this is why the flu epidemics claim more lives from the elderly and people with other physical and mental  health problems.

To stop the release of your stress hormones, remove your negative emotions. Rone™Therapy removes all your negativity in a few hours and gives you a tool to remove every other future negative emotion you may encounter, for the rest of your life.

When you have no negative emotions and your stress hormones stop being released, you exercise and feed yourself the proper foods, vitamins, and minerals, your pH will remain above the point where chronic illness can occur.







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