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What can Rone™Therapy do for you in one session?

It can

Remove your depression

Remove your anxiety

Remove your stress

Remove your panic attacks

Remove your need or want for alcohol

Remove your need or want for drugs

Remove your arthritic pain

Remove your chronic pain

Remove your fear

Remove your anger

Remove your worry

Remove your guilt

Remove all your negative emotions

Remove your doubt

Remove your self-loathing

Remove your suicidal thoughts

Remove your insecurity

Remove your emotional insecurity

Remove your lack of confidence

Remove your  lack of self-esteem

Remove your hatred

Remove your PTSD

Remove your stammering

Remove all types of trauma

Remove your addiction to chocolate or other foods

Remove …………………..

Give you a good night’s sleep

Give you contentment

Give you back the life you had before it went wrong

Give you the ability to remove any future negative thoughts and negative emotions. Each one will take around 30 seconds

An unusual therapy with the results you want instantly when you go to a therapist. Can’t happen? It can now!


Happiness is contentment

What stops you from being happy?  Worry, fear, anger, guilt etc. All these negative thoughts and negative emotions are just that, thoughts and emotions. So remove all the bad thoughts and emotions. HOW?

Meditation has been found to help. Certain therapies can help, but the one therapy that removes all your bad thoughts and emotions in one session is Rone™Therapy.

When all your negativities have gone and you have the ability to remove any future negative thoughts and emotions within 30 seconds, life becomes very different.

Happiness is contentment. Contentment allows you to think in a positive way, rather than a negative one. Contentment allows the mind to wander into new places of thought, places that you can never see when negative thoughts dominate.

So if you decide that you want to live your life without the negatives, Life Enhancers will remove them for you – all in one session. Never forget that one session of Rone™Therapy lasts for the rest of your life.

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