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Sports Mental Health

Sports mental health is no different from any other job-related stress.  When you reach the top of your game, the only way is down, whether it be in sport or business. With some, the problem is fear of losing. With others, it is the fear of letting down those who helped them to succeed.

There is a difference in the environment the person finds themselves in. A sportsperson is in the limelight far more than most businessmen. Both have grown up on the climbing ladder of success, and suddenly they are there – at the top.

The sportspeople who relish in fame, like Andy Murray, cope with all that comes to them.  Others will start to worry about their performance when they have reached the top. Those below are chasing hard so you have to improve even more.

Then there is the media. The slightest blip in their performance, and the media starts the downward trend. Miss a goal in a penalty shootout and you are blasted by social media.

In the past. those who could not cope carried on regardless until they just faded away, but today they cannot do that, and so some have started to call a rest period (a mental health break) time away from it all to sum up the situation with themselves and the pressure put on them by their success.

Life Enhancers have seen these problems with all types of people and professions over the past 20 years.  In 98% of cases, Life Enhancers have cured the mental health problems in sportspeople in just one session of a few hours.

Not only are their stress and mental health problems resolved, but they are taught how to remove any future mental health problems themselves.  If they have any problems they need help with in any way, Life Enhancers are there for them for the following year.

So if you know of any sportsperson who is suffering from stress or mental health problems, refer them to Life Enhancers, they will be glad you did.

Social media and phone addiction

The more insecure you are the more addicted to social media you are. Your need to know how others respond to you is the point in question. This problem is far more applicable to young women than it is to men.

When you are insecure, to have someone “like” what you’ve done rewards the mind with “I am doing right” Continually doing this for the reward is again causing even greater insecurity. The more rewards you have, the more you need to do it. When the responses die off, as they always will, internal panic can set in and you may become extreme in outgoing or internalising the negative emotions you experience

If it’s not already, social media will become the biggest cause of depression in the under 30s.

This depression caused by the insecurity leads people to connect with others like themselves and feed off of their negative feelings and woes. This does not help the depressives; it just confirms that being in a depressed state is ok. It is not.

When you are depressed, few want to be near you, you emanate a negative energy which is picked up sub-consciously and impacts on others. Remove your depression and have your life back. The normal people around you will feel your depression has gone and you will find new friends easily.

So if you are one of those people who is addicted to social media, help is available.

Life Enhancers, using Rone™Therapy will remove your insecurities, and give you back your self-esteem,  so you can have your life back. You won’t worry what people say about you because you won’t have the need to know. Life is wonderful without needs that cause problems.

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