What is Energy Psychology?

What is Energy Psychology?

It has been around since the 1970s. Its definition was shown on Wikipedia, but it was too revealing and so someone changed it, but it stated:

Mind-body approaches to healing, recognize a multi-layered interconnection between the different systems of the body, the brain, and the mind. These connections are supported through numerous scientific disciplines including psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, interpersonal neurobiology, and neuroplasticity. The effectiveness of energy psychology approaches appears to derive from a synergistic effect of focusing attention on specific memories and other cognitive-affective experiences while teaching clients skills to activate the energy systems of the body to normalize functioning, including disruptions in the brain and brain stem. The results typically transcend the normal ability to change experience through conscious effort. Instead, subjects repeatedly report spontaneous resolution of negative thoughts, feelings and memories.

There are no qualifications for Energy Psychology, nor is it taught in any college or university. All western medical teaching hospitals, colleges and universities are funded by big pharma, and they don’t want to fund help and/or a cure that does not use drugs, so most people are unaware it exists.

With Rone Therapy, I have the highest qualification, insomuch as I developed it in 2000. Until someone challenges it or proves there is a better therapy, then my claims remain. It is still the most complete, simplest, fastest (just one session) and gentlest of all talk therapies or counseling.

It has a 98% success rate with well over 1,000 clients, which is far higher than any other medium of psychology or medicine.

If Rone Therapy cannot or does not help a client to their satisfaction, then there is no charge. You only pay if you are completely happy and satisfied with the outcome. No other therapy follows that claim. The cost includes one year’s support, again no other therapy offers such support.

Some energy psychology trials were conducted between 2001 and 2008, but Rone Therapy was not included in those trials. Only ones that were known to fail were included.

We are not allowed to advertise Energy Psychology because any claims it makes are subject to a five-year clinical trial for each claim, and we have many claims. (Do you have a few million pounds to spare?).

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