Arthritic Pain

The more politically correct society becomes the more neurotic are its members. Shall I do this or that? Have I said the right thing? The smallest negative problem becomes a negative emotion which can manifest itself into a physical pain.

It soon becomes obvious that the older you are the more damaging the emotion, not only because the body deteriorates with age and therefore becomes more susceptible to attack, but also because the emotion itself is greater due to the inexperience of the political correctness.

People in their forties and older are the ones who suffer most. The manifestations of negative emotions can result in any form of physical disability and anger is the most destructive. Suppressed anger causes the body to turn on itself and eat away at the cartilage of the joints; this disease is commonly known as arthritis.

Western medicine states that arthritis has a variety of causes—hereditary, developmental, metabolic, and mechanical—may initiate processes leading to loss of cartilage.

We at Life Enhancers know that it is caused by suppressed anger and other negative emotions such as worry.

When people with arthritic pain come and see us using their walking sticks, we empower them in one session to remove all their negativities. Then we address the pain, after a few minutes the pain goes and they leave us –  carrying their sticks.

These people’s condition has made their joints very sensitive to negative emotion and may have to use the RONE™ System for a few minutes every day to keep the pain away, but they now lead better quality lives.

The oldest we have treated was 91. A dear lady who had difficulty walking and had lost the use of her hands. Her finger joints had become so stiff she could no longer do her knitting. After her RONE™ session, the relief in her knees was instant, but more to her liking was she could use her hands again and went on to knit her ever growing family many – many baby clothes.