Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The human body suffers many severe problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) is one of them. It occurs when the body does not want to do what the sufferer wants because of the conflict in their sub-conscious mind. This is very difficult for normal treatments to help because sub-consciously the sufferer does not want to be helped or cured. They are not in control of themselves.

Where immobility has occurred, the cause is always the same: not wanting to do something that had to be done. Not going to Uni because it’s becoming too difficult, or they feel they don’t fit in, not going for that job because of a lack of self-esteem and full of doubt.

A total conflict of the mind where the sufferer knows they must go but the sub-conscious does not, which results in the body siding with the sub-conscious.

The cure in 99% of cases is a very quick process for us, we use one session of the Rone System to remove all the negatives, the doubt and re-install their self-esteem. The sub-conscious then allows the body to respond normally because all the imbalances will have been restored

Where  CFS has been going on for years because the sufferer has become reliant upon a carer, (usually a parent), the carer must also be helped with the RONE™ system to remove their guilt and doubt which keeps them enslaved. They will then be strong enough to live normally with the treated CFS sufferer who in turn has a new life to enjoy.


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