Depression is often now called a disease. It is not. Life Enhancers guarantee to remove your depression in one session with RONE™ therapy.

There have been many studies about depression. These studies have proved that therapies are far better than anti-depressants. Many therapies give people coping skills that work to a point. It depends on whether the problem that caused the depression has been removed. Most therapies fail this very necessary requirement.

If asked “what do you think caused your depression” most people will answer what their problems are. There are too many answers to put here, but whatever the cause, in 99% of cases Life Enhancers are able to remove the cause instantly with RONE™ Therapy.

With clinical depression, the dark times of feeling lost, feeling you have no control, unwanted unworthy etc. along with anger, fear, worry, guilt etc. are easily removed in one session which covers your entire life’s negativities. If you have undetermined aches and pains, they will go as well, because the negativity will have manifested itself in pain. When the negative emotions are removed, contentment arrives.

If you are susceptible to the thoughts that give you depression, you will be able to remove them simply with RONE™ yourself. Each negative thought will take around 30 seconds for you to remove. Without those thoughts, there can be no depression. If you need help A Life Enhancer will be there for you for the following year at no extra charge.

In western medicine, depression is considered to be incurable. At Life Enhancers we cure you, the depression then is no more.