Lack of confidence / Insecurity

Of all the problems that beset human beings, Emotional Insecurity (EI) must be the largest. Very difficult for the individual to recognise and there is no medication to combat it.

Although it is thought to be a feeling of general unease or nervousness, it is far more of a sub-conscious problem than conscious. A person who is emotionally insecure may lack confidence in their own value and abilities, doesn’t trust themselves or others, fears that a present positive state is only temporary and will let them down resulting in future loss, but it may be more of a fear that they are not being recognised or even seen by the world.

As EI is sub-conscious, some sufferers can unknowingly resort to compensate with psychological defence mechanisms, such as a controlling personality type, avoidance, arrogance, aggression, or bullying. It becomes the “I am here” syndrome.

People who have a lack of self-esteem will have a poor track record at school or at work often rooted in a person’s childhood years, or conversely, they over-compensate and become over-achievers. Continually wanting money and material items is a good signal of EI. The more insecure they become, the more money they try and accumulate by fair means or foul.

These people may fail at gathering lots of money and become introvert and blame the world, becoming continually negative about all things. They may land up being very rich in assets and money but very poor in compassion or understanding the problems people around them face. It is only when one day someone asks why do you want or need all this money that the penny may drop and they then become altruistic, overcompensating the other way.

With Life Enhancers’ RONE™ Therapy your emotional insecurity can be overcome in one session. By instantly removing the negatives, the true person will emerge; it was only the sub-conscious that prevented it from being seen.

This is one of the most wonderful moments in a person’s life when they discover themselves. They become happy in their own skin, they become at one with all the people and things that they had a problem with throughout their lives. Using the RONE™ System to remove future problems keeps them in that happy place.

Many people spend years of their lives trying to find whatever they are looking for in their inner selves, but are prevented from finding it by their sub-conscious mind and it is considered impossible in western medicine, but Life Enhancers do the impossible.


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