Chronic pain and its removal

95% of chronic pain can be removed with Rone™Therapy

It has been known for a long time that pain is a symptom. When medical science looks for the cause they very often say it is a trapped nerve, a growth, deterioration of cartilage to name a few. If the physical problem is the result of a personal injury such as an accident, the pain should go within 6 months. If it becomes chronic it will be a manifested negative emotion that has embedded itself in your weakest part, and the body will not let it go,

We have had many clients with chronic back pain initially caused by whiplash, a fall, arthritis etc. In nearly every case we have been able to remove the pain by removing the client’s negative thoughts, worries and emotions.

Chronic back pain increases proportionally with age. Less in the young more in the elderly, but whatever your age the cause is always the same. Our back pain clients range from 17 to 85

A 17-year-old had pain for a year because he was worried he would not make the football team, an 85-year-old had fallen off a chair 8 years earlier and suffered for those 8 years worrying about family and business. In all cases, the back pain is removed in one session.

We have also discovered that when some people are in the company of others with negativity, they can absorb their company’s negativity which may manifest itself as pain. Many people say that some people drain them or cause them to have headaches or other pains, yes, they are correct, they have absorbed the other person’s negative feelings.

When we at Life Enhancers remove the negative emotion (“the cause”), the symptom (“the pain”) goes as well. In fact, when we RONE™ you if your pain does not go whilst the Life Enhancer is with you, there is no charge. So effective is the RONE™ system, the results are immediate. It all happens in just one session.

If the pain returns later it is because another negative emotion has manifested itself. Just use the RONE™Therapy you were taught to remove your negative emotions and within minutes that pain will go as well. If you have difficulty, call us and we will help you remove your pain in a single ten-minute phone call.

Today you have a choice, you don’t have to live with pain anymore, it can be removed simply and so can all future negative emotions and pains. Your body and mind will fail you much earlier in your life if you do not recognise the mind-body link and fail to remove your negative emotions.

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