Self Esteem

How Life Enhancers can give you High Self Esteem.

If you consider yourself to feel or be any of the undermentioned you may be suffering low self esteem.

  • Feeling lost, unworthy of being cared for
  • Are poor risk-takers.
  • Operate out of a fear of rejection.
  • Are typically unassertive in their behavior with others
  • Are hungry for the approval of others.
  • Are poor problem solvers.
  • Are fraught with irrational beliefs and have a tendency to think irrationally.
  • Are susceptible to all kinds of fears.
  • Have a tendency to become emotionally stuck and immobilized.
  • Have a poor “track record” in school or on the job; conversely, they sometimes over compensate and become over-achievers
  • Are unable to affirm or to reinforce themselves positively.
  • Are unable to make an honest assessment of their strengths, qualities, and good points; they find it difficult to accept compliments or recognition from others.
  • Have poorly defined self-identities with a tendency to be chameleons in order to fit in with others
  • Are insecure, anxious, and nervous when they are with others.
  • Often become overcome with anger about their status in life and are likely to have chronic hostility or chronic depression.
  • Are easily overcome with despair and depression when they experience a setback or loss in their lives.
  • Have a tendency to overreact and become de-energized by resentment, anger, and the desire for revenge against those whom they believe has not fully accepted them.
  • Fulfill roles in their families of origin that are counter-productive and maladaptive. These roles carry over into their adult lives.
  • Use addictive behavior to medicate their hurt and pain. Such addictive behavior can include alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, workaholism, or the search for excitement, truth, wisdom, and a guru with an easy guide to the achievement of happiness.
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