Fibromyalgia is frequently comorbid with stress-related disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome and depression.

The above is a quote from “Wikipedia” which shows that it is generally accepted that the above problems are caused by negative emotions.

People who have fibromyalgia tend to be very sensitive to others around them, so much so that they can pick up other people’s negative emotions which then go on to manifest themselves into the sensitive person’s’ pain.

In three cases we have treated recently,  the pain occurred in their feet,  which after the intruding negative emotions were removed – returned to normal – no pain.

In other cases where the pain was self-induced, i.e. their own negativities were the cause of the pain,  the negative emotional problems were instantly removed with RONE™ Therapy and the pains disappeared.

As with all negativities, if felt again, the pain returns. Clients then use the taught RONE™ Therapy to instantly remove the new negative emotions.  They are now in control of themselves.


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