Stress At Work

Stress is the major problem suffered in the workplace today.

Stress may be defined as “the adverse reaction people have to pressures or other types of demands placed on them”. These pressures or demands may include:

[1] Excessive heat, noise and lighting, poor housekeeping and other aspects of the working environment;

[2] Working conditions such as shift-work, unsociable hours, wages and benefits;

[3] Continual changes (e.g. restructuring, adapting to new technology);

[4] The amount of work (too much or too little)

[5] The lack of control or autonomy over one’s job;

[6] Machine paced work (excessive speed required);

[7] Relationships with others (a lack of managerial support or bullying and harassment);

[8] Poor communications (i.e. no regular feedback about performance);

[9] Too much or too little involvement in the decision-making process;

[10] Lack of job security.

[11] The type of organisation (e.g. authoritarian or participative)

Anyone who is suffering stress related symptoms might not always recognise them.

Symptoms such as loss or gain of weight, disturbed sleep patterns, emotional upheaval, feelings of tightness in the chest, continual stomach churning, sensation of choking, high heart rate, irritable bowel, giddiness, nausea, aches and pains may not be recognised as stress related, before the onset of serious mental illness and heart disease.

The last paragraph tells you that a bad emotion can cause physical problems, firstly aches or pains which if not removed could go on to cause major physical problems that you may have to endure for the rest of your life.

The statement : Stress may be defined as “the adverse reaction people have to pressures or other types of demands placed on them”

The words adverse reaction is the problem. Take away the adverse reaction and there is no stress. It is all about how you handle the list of potential problems.

In just one session Life Enhancers can take away the stress, aches and pains you have. We make you see things another way. If you are overreacting to a normal situation, we will bring you back to normality.

All problems are surmountable and therefore the stress will not exist. No stress, no physical problems.

Not only will we take away all the bad emotions you have permanently; we will empower you to be able remove any future stress, adverse reaction, aches and pains within 30 seconds or so. In other words you will be in control of you.

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