Trauma from Abuse or Rape

Trauma affects different people in different ways. What is extremely traumatic for one person can be exciting for another, it all depends on how you perceive the happening.

Here at Life Enhancers, trauma is treated like any other negative emotion. Whether you have been raped, held at gunpoint or for women, when your last child leaves home, all can be traumatic to the same degree as perceived by the victim or sufferer.

Some people tend to think that when they have suffered terrible trauma whilst being a victim of a terrible happening, they are scared for life and unless the trauma is removed, they are right.

If the trauma is left to manifest itself without being removed, it could remain for the rest of one’s life causing severe physical damage or disease as life goes on. *

Men have great difficulty in telling others that they have been abused and often go to an early grave without anyone ever knowing their terrible secret.

As remarkable as it may seem, using the Rone™System a Life Enhancer will remove all the traumas you have in just one session. In that session, you will be taught as you are being helped so every trace of the trauma will be removed by yourself before you leave the company of the Life Enhancer.

Removing the trauma with the Rone™System will ensure the trauma will never return.

Life Enhancers have removed trauma from many people over the years, but because of our strict confidentiality protocol, nothing about those who were subject to abuse or rape can be revealed. We have not sought their permission to publicise their traumas.

  •  *  “When the body says no” by Gabor Matè
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