Rone™ – Removal Of Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions- instantly

It appears that many people are unaware of the mind-body link. (Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions cause most of what the body suffers) Some people, charitable organisations and health professionals adamantly deny such a thing exists. If you share their convictions, read no more, for this site is about that subject and how to remove the mental and physical pain caused by the negative mind-body link.

Life Enhancers use a remarkable therapy called Rone™ which stands for Removal of Negative Emotions.  Rone™therapy changes the way your thoughts progress at your command. In other words, Rone™ gives you the ability to take control of your life.

In one session of a few hours, using Rone™Therapy we will remove all your negative feelings/thoughts and emotions whilst teaching you how to do it yourself. This is necessary because negativity can impact you every day. Removing these negatives will take no longer than a minute to remove each one. (that’s generally faster than it took for the negative thoughts to originate.)

We have been brainwashed by the medical system into thinking this cannot happen in such a short time. They are wrong. We have been doing it for the last 19 years.

There are times when you may feel you don’t have any negativity yourself, but many people pick up negative energy from the negative people around you. You probably feel drained when you have been with negative people. If you have learnt Rone, these are easily removed.

What you read on this site is true and does happen, if you are suffering in this life and want to rid yourself of your problems, read on.

Rone™ is so powerful it is capable of removing depression, anxiety, PTSD,  and/or arthritic pain and all negative thought, feelings, emotions in one session.

Depression and pain are symptoms of a cause, remove the cause and the symptoms go as well. We remove anger, fear, guilt, trauma and every other negative emotion without drugs. If there are related physical problems, they will go as well.

Rone™ therapy activates the mind-body link.  On the negative side, it is when the mind suffers from bad experiences, and the negative emotions it produces manifests itself in the body from simple pain to terminal diseases. It is becoming widely known, that most chronic diseases begin with an emotional state. Gabor Maté M.D. wrote a book in 2003 “When the body says no” a compilation of case histories which illustrates the point to the extreme.

Life Enhancers know that cancer and the like, does not just happen. We know you can prevent it. and if you have it – remove it without surgery or drugs.

It is now well known in the scientific medical community that nearly every chronic disease starts with negative emotion.

Their biggest problem has always been how to instantly remove negative emotions. We have solved that problem.

If you take your health for granted, it has a habit of leaving you. If your health has already started to decline because of the circumstances in life, check the list on the right for one that relates to you. If you cannot find your problem, please contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.  We cannot list every problem that we remove.

Although many aspects are fresh and new, the principles of RONE™  have been around for over 4000 years. It is not religious or spiritual, No needles, drugs, hypnosis or belief systems are used or needed to fulfill its requirements.  RONE™ is the gentlest, simplest and consistently the most effective therapy available today.

RONE™ is one of the very few therapies which follow the criteria required in science.

  1. The basis of RONE™  has been around for well over 4,000 years
  2. The effects can be seen and measured
  3. It is done in a very orderly manner
  4. The results are consistently similar and reliable when using the same procedures under controlled conditions.

In the U.K. we have the NHS and most people assume it will fix all. It can’t. It will in most cases fix the symptoms of a problem with drugs or surgery, but not the cause. 99% of what the body suffers is caused by negative emotional problems, which in turn can cause inflammation. There are too many cases where one symptom has been dealt with only to find another symptom has started to emerge.

The NHS tends to deal with each symptom one by one. Take anxiety, pain, and high blood pressure. They give blood pressure pills to lower your blood pressure, painkillers to relieve the pain and anti-depressants to help the anxiety. The side effects will probably cause another problem and more drugs are prescribed. This is 19th-century Newtonian medicine ( where the body is treated as a machine. Understand the machine and repair when required. It does not take into account “energy“) It is exspensive and time-consuming.

We use 21st-century quantum healing (which takes “energy” into account) where we remove the three problems in one go. We remove the anxiety (the negative energy). It is the anxiety that is causing other problems. When the anxiety is removed the manifested pain goes and the blood pressure falls.

These negative (energy) emotional problems, if not dealt with at the thought stage, can also grow into a mental illness which is on the increase like never before. Psychotherapies may show people why they feel like they do and try to change the way people think. In some cases that alone can be helpful, but in the majority of cases, the emotional problems are still there leaving sufferers no choice but to resort to an ongoing regime of drugs. RONE™  instantly removes the problems.

Opioids filled a need. Prescribed to remove pain, being heroin based, it covers up the emotion (negative energy). With the emotion gone, the mind-body link is severed and the pains go. Stop the drug and it all returns, but it has shown the user a way to remove the bad thoughts and emotions so another course is required to remove the pain. and on and on. The body soon adapts to the drug, so more is required for the same initial effect. It’s easy to see why there is an opioid epidemic. Doctors are taught to diagnose and treat symptoms, (Looking at the machine and fixing each part) they are not taught to find the cause.

RONE™ is the only therapy that can gently remove a lifetime’s emotional issues within a few hours. So-called modern psychotherapy (over 100 years old) would take months or even years to complete the same task if indeed they could do it,

During the single session, you will be taught how to remove any future emotions and so you will be able to remove all of your negative issues, each will take around 30 seconds. If an emotion has manifested itself in the form of pain, that too will be removed. Internal and visible inflammation reduces daily. It can also relax you to a state of total relaxation, again in just 30 seconds.

Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, phobias, pains and eating disorders to name some of the problems we have dealt with. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear, guilt or grief need no longer hold you back. You will have self-esteem and confidence like never before and because you are able to treat yourself, you can go on to do whatever you choose to do in life.

If you don’t feel that all your issues have been removed from you before you and your Life Enhancer part company, there will be no charge. No other therapy will offer you this guarantee.

The Contact link is at the top of the page. Sessions are available 7 days a week.




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