Rone™ – Removal Of Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions- instantly

22 years ago, Life Enhancers developed a remarkable new talk therapy called Rone™ which stands for Removal of Negative Emotions.  Rone™ Therapy changes the way your thoughts progress at your command. In other words, Rone™ gives you the ability to take control of your life. It was then and still is now, the most advanced talk therapy in the world.

In one session of a few hours, Rone™Therapy will remove all your negative feelings/thoughts and emotions whilst teaching you how to do it yourself. This is necessary because negativity can impact you every day. Removing these negatives will take no longer than a minute to remove each one. (That’s generally faster than it took for the negative thoughts to originate.) If you don’t feel that all your issues have been removed from you before you and your Life Enhancer part company there is no charge. We also offer a free one-year’s backup. You can visit or contact us as often as you need to in the following year.

We have been brainwashed by the medical system into thinking that removing negative emotions in one session cannot happen in such a short time. They are wrong. Life Enhancers have been doing it for the last 20 years.

Rone™ is so powerful, it is capable of removing depression, anxiety, PTSD,  and/or arthritic pain and all negative thought, feelings, emotions in one session.

As written earlier, depression and pain are symptoms of a cause, remove the cause and the symptoms go as well. We remove anger, fear, guilt, trauma, and every other negative emotion and related physical problems will go as well.

Life Enhancers know that cancer and the like, does not just happen. We know you can prevent it. and if you have it – remove it without surgery or drugs.

If you take your health for granted, it has a habit of leaving you. If your health has already started to decline because of the circumstances in life, check the list on the right for one that relates to you. If you cannot find your problem, please contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.  We cannot list every problem that we remove.

Although many aspects are fresh and new, the principles of RONE™  have been around for over 4000 years. It is not religious or spiritual, No needles, drugs, hypnosis, or belief systems are used or needed to fulfill its requirements.  RONE™ is the gentlest, simplest, and consistently the most effective talking therapy available today.

RONE™ is one of the very few therapies which follow the criteria required in science.

  1. The basis of RONE™  has been around for well over 4,000 years
  2. The effects can be seen and measured
  3. It is done in a very orderly manner
  4. The results are consistently similar and reliable when using the same procedures under controlled conditions.

Remember – During the single session, you will be taught how to remove any future emotions and so you will be able to remove all of your future negative issues, each will take around 30 seconds. If an emotion has manifested itself in the form of pain, that too will be removed. Internal and visible inflammation reduces daily. It can also relax you to a state of total relaxation, again in just 30 seconds.

Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, phobias, pains, and eating disorders to name some of the problems we have dealt with. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, fear, guilt or grief need no longer hold you back. You will have self-esteem and confidence like never before and because you are able to treat yourself, you can go on to do whatever you choose to do in life.

If you don’t feel that all your issues have been removed from you before you and your Life Enhancer part company, there will be no charge. No other therapy will offer you this guarantee and don’t forget, we also offer a free one-year’s backup. You will not be alone. No other therapy offers this service.

If you want to purchase a Resonator to destroy all coronaviruses, their mutations, and variants please visit our sister site  A Resonator™ is supplied to every new Life Enhancers client free of charge.

The Contact link is at the top of the page.     Sessions are available 7 days a week.

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