Mrs Portsmouth

To Dear Tony

Just wanted to write a letter to say the biggest THANK YOU although I feel that just isn’t enough.  What you have done for me and many other people including my mother, auntie and uncle, words and simply not enough.

I will admit that I did feel that this treatment couldn’t possibly work, well they say so far so good and believe me since I saw you it has been good and I still feel good.

Usually in the past if I ever forgot to take my tablets (anti depressants, migraine and anxiety tablets) within a few days I would have a major breakdown and wouldn’t snap out of it for weeks.

All I’ve suffered after my treatment with you was a bad headache and dizziness for the first two or three days, bearing in mind I had stopped my migraine tablets 5 days before my treatment and my anti-depressants 2 days before.

And a week after my treatment I have lots of energy and feel it’s great to be alive!. Can’t remember when I last felt like that. Now I play and have fun with the kids, sit and watch TV and films footy etc. without feeling tired or stressed or saying “in a minute”. The thing that is wonderful is the kids don’t say things like “please don’t go to sleep again mummy”  “please don’t shout at us mummy”.

Now if you ask the kids has mummy been shouting, they say “no and we’ve had a great day, and we’ve done this and that”.  And now I’m nice, the children are nice and say “thank you mummy for today, we’ve enjoyed it and it’s been wow cool!” and how much more satisfying is that!

Do I need to go on!  It’s so great to get my life back and see my family a HAPPY family rather than me being unhappy, too tired to do anything or go anywhere and having to have my afternoon sleep, trying to fit too much in getting stressed and taking it out on everyone, not only my kids but my husband too.

My husband has led the hardest life ever, He now thinks it’s worth a million for how much I’ve changed and has made me happy.  Let’s face it who enjoys being depressed?

Miserable< tired, and negative on just about everything?  Living an unstable life? Feeling like a time bomb waiting to explode?  Feeling like I would love to smash everyone’s head in? Angry? frustrated?

I could go on and on but my answers were all NO.  I wanted to feel happy, positive, energized, not being angry or stressed and feeling great.  I now feel all those things THANKS to you!!!!!

As I’ve said words aren’t enough.

Thank you so much.

Mrs K.   Portsmouth.

PS Also you have worked wonders on my phobia and diet you gave me, didn’t want to bore you. Forgot about house and can face burnt things now and the diet is easy and my insides feel great.  No pain or gain (He He weight gain) easy to follow. I was the worlds worst for dieting but this suits me great.




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