Social media and phone addiction

The more insecure you are the more addicted to social media you are. Your need to know how others respond to you is the point in question. This problem is far more applicable to young women than it is to men.

When you are insecure, to have someone “like” what you’ve done rewards the mind with “I am doing right” Continually doing this for the reward is again causing even greater insecurity. The more rewards you have, the more you need to do it. When the responses die off, as they always will, internal panic can set in and you may become extreme in outgoing or internalising the negative emotions you experience

If it’s not already, social media will become the biggest cause of depression in the under 30s.

This depression caused by the insecurity leads people to connect with others like themselves and feed off of their negative feelings and woes. This does not help the depressives; it just confirms that being in a depressed state is ok. It is not.

When you are depressed, few want to be near you, you emanate a negative energy which is picked up sub-consciously and impacts on others. Remove your depression and have your life back. The normal people around you will feel your depression has gone and you will find new friends easily.

So if you are one of those people who is addicted to social media, help is available.

Life Enhancers, using Rone™Therapy will remove your insecurities, and give you back your self-esteem,  so you can have your life back. You won’t worry what people say about you because you won’t have the need to know. Life is wonderful without needs that cause problems.

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