Are we your last resort?

To most of my clients, I was their last resort. Many had problems that had been going on for years. Depression, pain, fear anxieties the list goes on and on.

They had tried every avenue the medical system had to offer without success. As some have said, when I read your website I thought, this is so unbelievable it must be fake or it actually works. Below are two examples.

There was a chap, well into his seventies, who had fallen off a step ladder and injured his back. He had been walking around in pain for many years, the only respite he had was when doctors put him on steroids to relieve his pain.

The pain went, but during the six months he was on the steroids the side effects were so severe he had no option but to stop taking them. The pain returned and he concluded that he had to learn to live with it.

Many years later, still suffering and becoming worse by the year, he heard about me and made an appointment. He said I was his last resort. Four hours after our meeting all his pain had gone. He sat and wept with joy as he had previously thought the rest of his life was going to be agonising.

A lady with severe pain and difficulty in walking called and made an appointment. She said I was her last resort. I visited her at her home. She had tried every medical system in several countries, but her disability was becoming worse. It took around 30 seconds for her to stand up from a seated position and each step was taking four to five seconds. This was something I know all about, but she had not been diagnosed as having arthritis.

She was in her forties, had a good job which she had to give up because she could no longer walk from her car to her office.  Now she had a problem driving her car.

After four hours, she stood up – no pain, she walked – no pain, she ran – no pain.

There have been many people such as those above, many have been on anti-depressants for years and never took them again after seeing me. Many have been in such a poor mental state, they would have been hospitalised years ago. To all of them, Life Enhancers and Rone was their last resort.

My clients have problems when telling others about their wonderful experience, few believe even though the evidence is standing before them.


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