PTSD as the name states is Traumatic Stress after the event. In a few words and never underestimating any of the horrific circumstances that caused the problem, the emotions experienced by the sufferer are still negative, guilt, anger, fear, etc. all be it in an extreme, but all negative emotions can be removed in one session using the Rone System.

When a sufferer has been in conflict, the trauma may not emerge for months after the event, but the problems have been caused again by the sub-conscious mind. The threat of death or disfigurement at the time is too much for the sub-conscious to absorb because it is being used for survival.

When the survival issues have been removed then the sub-conscious starts to assess the past with sometimes terrible side effects such as continual nightmares or daytime visions with the body reacting in some case violently.

At Life Enhancers, we remove the negative feelings and emotions so the thoughts become non- damaging and normal life resumes instantly.

We know that people think that such horrific events cannot be removed from the mind so quickly, but they can. The memories will probably never go but the thought will no longer cause suffering and they will be viewed the same as anyone would view a picture.

Other negativities may surface at a later date, but these negativities can be very quickly removed by the client using the Rone System with which they were empowered to use


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