Mr. R Emsworth’s Testimony

Dear Tony and Sue

I write to you seven months after our first meeting. That was January 2005 just after the New Year break. For me this had become a bad time, I knew I was becoming low and depressed and had to do something about it before it overtook me and I was then unable to cope.

Your first discussion with me showed me the way to the support and vision of self worth I needed.

So I attended a four and a half hour session the following week. I was “armed” with a list of woes, worries and baggage that had blighted my life up until then.

During this session using the RONE system, I was able to banish or control the things which held me back, making me feel positive and worthy of myself. I walked out of your consulting rooms and it felt like 10 tons of weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and seven months later the weight is still not there.

I do not worry about trivial things or things I cannot change. I’m more positive in my outlook and this has changed my life and the way I look at situations as they arise. This being a more calm and realistic mode.

I’m More confident in all the things I do and take on more of a central role rather than shying away.

I’m still using the RONE system when I need to but I feel I’m the one in control now. Your help has indeed “ENHANCED” my life.

I always spread the word about your intervention in my life and what it has meant for me.

I thank you so much for helping me help myself, and take control of me, my life and my destiny

From Mr. R Emsworth


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