What did the husband do with his jealous wife?

I first saw her husband on a bleak winter’s evening at a talk I was giving to a few people and their friends a few years ago. At the end of my talk, he approached me, a tall, good-looking chap about 35, well spoken and well mannered. The sort of man a woman finds irresistible.

He said he enjoyed the talk and that he had a problem I might be able to help him with. At first, I was thinking he was worried about his financial state as most men who come to me have that problem and their wives have left them, but no he had far worse problems.

He told me he had been married for a year to a what he thought would be a wonderful wife. She was a couple of years older than him and had started to become very jealous, accusing him of seeing other women. He said they’d had a whirlwind romance and married three months after they met. He knew there was a wonderful person in her, but he was beginning to feel so worn out with the constant accusations, criticism and arguments she was hurling at him.

When they went to a restaurant she would sit next to him so she could see what he was looking at. When they were in the company of another couple and he was talking to the woman, she later accused him of making a date with her.

His wife was his big problem. I said I would help him, but his wife had to call me to make an appointment which happened a week later

To cut it short, she told me that her husband was leaving her unless she got some help and told her to call me.

She came to see me at 10 o’clock on a lovely sunny morning. A very articulate well dressed woman.

She sat on my sofa and after some small talk, she started to tell me she was at her witts end petrified her husband would leave her. I told her to start at the beginning, the first time in her life she felt negative. I only need to hear about the negatives. She was four years old when she saw her parents arguing and shouting at each other. She told me how she felt, I wrote it down and we moved on to the next problem.

It took around an hour for her to tell me about all the negative things in her life that had led her to become jealous of her husband. All I need are the negatives and I had written down fifteen that she wanted to be removed.

I checked her self-esteem which was around 2 out of 10

It all boiled down to her insecurity and fear of losing the people she loved.  I had spent a while just getting to know her, telling her how we work as human beings and asking her for her negatives. It was now 12.30 and time for lunch. She had bought a salad and some fruit. After lunch, we started the Rone Therapy.

It took around 30 mins to explain what it was all about and the order in which we would proceed. The process took around another 30 minutes and we were ready to remove the negatives she had.

We took them one at a time. As this was new to her, it took about 40 minutes to remove the 15 negative problems and a few more she’d thought of.

I checked her self-esteem again; it was now 10 out of 10. All her insecurities had gone, she no longer had any fears of losing people. I asked her the question I ask all my clients “Do you have any problem with anyone, anything ar any negative feelings, thoughts or emotions” Her answer was, which all my clients say is “No”.

I gave her some paperwork, made an appointment to talk in a couple of weeks and she left, a happy lady.

Her husband called me the next day to thank me for finding the woman he knew was there but had been lost.

I spoke to her two weeks later to confirm all was well. She said she’d had a couple of negatives crop up but she was able to remove them easily with Rone and all was well. I reminded her that I was always there for her for the following year, but I never heard from her again.

P.S A friend told me that she and her husband have become a wonderful couple and only have eyes for each other. Another happy ending.





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