Stammering or stuttering can be a severe problem for those who suffer from it. I stuttered until I left school. No teacher ever asked me to answer a question. In my 11 plus oral examination, the panel answered all the questions for me and I passed.

Whatever the cause for stammering it will be a negative problem. The stammerer loses or has lack of confidence, becomes insecure, fearful of contact with others, frustrated and on and on.

These are all negative emotions that are easily removed with Rone Therapy. We have done it many times.

There are courses that take days and are expensive because of the time it takes. We at Life Enhancers remove the stammering in one 2 – 4-hour session.

If you cannot hold a NORMAL conversation and make a NORMAL phone call without stammering before you and the Life Enhancer part company, there is no charge. No other therapy will offer this guarantee.


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