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YouTube Video Talks

    g.This is about your pH and why it is the most important test very few people know of.   This is about why you were taught saturated fats were bad for you and why it is wrong, together with how to clean your arteries of plaque.   This one is about drink and […]

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Stammering or stuttering can be a severe problem for those who suffer from it. I stuttered until I left school. No teacher ever asked me to answer a question. In my 11 plus oral examination, the panel answered all the questions for me and I passed. Whatever the cause for stammering it will be a […]

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Skeletons in the Cupboard? We Remove Them!

Most people have skeletons in the cupboard. Things we’ve done or said that haunt us. Most are silly things that you can dismiss as part of a learning curve, but there are others that are still going on. Mistakes you made that prevent you from trying again. Words that people have said that haunt you, […]

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Drugs and alchohol are NOT addictive.

I’ve proved it many times, but it was proven way back in the 1970’s by Canadian psychologist Bruce K. Alexander and his colleagues at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Called. Rat Park, it was a study into drug addiction and published in 1981. This link to Wikipedia tells all. I saw a […]

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Where pain is expensive! (Andy Murray)

One of Britain’s greatest tennis players has been forced to quit the US open because of hip pain. Professional sports people of the highest degree often suffer the same problem, but no one seems to recognise the cause. The symptom is pain, but the cause is emotional in 99% of cases. Take Andy, he tries […]

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When you are near the end……….

This must have been written by a person who cares for the elderly at the end of their time here. ‘Steve I was reading something the other day. In years to come when you look back at your life over say the last five years what do you think would be your biggest regret or […]

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