Drugs and alchohol are NOT addictive.

I’ve proved it many times, but it was proven way back in the 1970’s by Canadian psychologist Bruce K. Alexander and his colleagues at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

Called. Rat Park, it was a study into drug addiction and published in 1981. This link to Wikipedia tells all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_Park

I saw a program recently where a chap was talking about a girl who told him that drugs saved her life. The drugs removed not only her physical pains but also her emotional ones. It was those she could not face and would have committed suicide if she hadn’t had the drugs

I have had many people come to me who have been on all types of drugs, prescribed and illegal. They all had physical pains to one degree or another and most had terrible thoughts of their past lives. Being raped or abused is always at the top of the list.

Using Rone Therapy we at Life Enhancers were able to remove those terrible thoughts and emotions of guilt, anger, fear etc. With those emotions gone they had no further need or want of drugs or alcohol because they had no troubling thoughts.
This removal of those thoughts is done in one session, usually between 3 – 5 hours. We go through that person’s life. When going through the details no names are mentioned, if some are – then only first names are used. At Life Enhancers, we have a strict code of confidence. Nothing is ever revealed to anyone unless the client specifically wants it.

The reason you have been taught that drugs are addictive is that because before Rat Park there was another study. This was conducted on a single rat in a cage where two tubes of drink were available, again one water the other laced with morphine (refined legal heroin). The single rat who had nothing to do, no friends to play with, no toys, no girlfriend, was bored etc. always went for the morphine drink. Now all is understood.

In Portugal, they have legalised all drugs. They use all the money they have saved by helping the ex. drug users find work by subsidising their wages. The drug suppliers and all the crimes related to drugs have gone. Perhaps Britain should adopt the same policy. Those who object should be asked what their interest is – in keeping the drugs illegal?

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