Where pain is expensive! (Andy Murray)

One of Britain’s greatest tennis players has been forced to quit the US open because of hip pain. Professional sports people of the highest degree often suffer the same problem, but no one seems to recognise the cause. The symptom is pain, but the cause is emotional in 99% of cases.

Take Andy, he tries to be a perfectionist. He knows he can only achieve it for so long, but then he is not a machine. When he misses a shot, a sub-conscious signal enters in a negative form. If he is in “the zone” he can overcome this error. If the error is multiplied then the “zone” state is broken and the negativity sets in. He will carry on and in most cases he could overcome the negativity by one great shot and he reverts back into “the zone”

If he has had other negativity or problems off the court, it will compound. The negativity will then manifest itself into the weakest part of the body, in Andy’s case his hip. The more the pain disrupts his work the more the pain will strike, causing him to suffer with inflamation in his hip. These bouts of pain are recognised as flare-ups.

This human negativity affects most professional athletes, usually doubt and/or frustration and is the major cause for premature retirement from their sport. The answer is simple, remove their negativity.

At Life Enhancers we take people like Andy and we do exactly that. We also teach them how to overcome the negative problems in the first place (something Roger Federer is now very good at. most of the time) so that when they are in “the zone” they stay in it for the duration of the match. Each miss does not arrive as a negative signal. The pain of course no longer occurs, because there is no negativity to feed it.

When a player is in a positive emotional state, his success will depend on his physical ability alone. (Ronnie O’Sullivan of snooker fame knows all about negativities spoiling his game, it’s taken him years to overcome most of them)

If you have any questions or if you recognise the problems shown above you want removed, , contact us now. Remember we do all the above in a few hours. To the professional – Time is of the essence

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