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Vibrate yourself to good health. (eBook)

Vibrate Yourself To Good Health by Anthony Grant

 When someone said to me that passing a tiny electric current through my body would kill  my parasites, bad bacteria, and viruses, I said “Pull the other one”

To start with, I didn’t have any viruses, I would have been ill if I had. I don’t have any parasites, you only pick up those in other countries, and I’ve only been to Marbella in Spain, and that was years ago.  As for bacteria, I wash my hands when I come in from shopping or seeing clients, it’s the normal thing to do –Yes. And that is how I went on in my life, but now I had to look into the statement my friend said. Well, it turns out that we all have these bugs in us, quite a lot actually, but what do they do to us and why should we want to get rid of them?


AmericaHow big are these bugs? Parasites (right) are the largest. Some are so big you can see them in the toilet pan looking like hair sticking out of the feces, but most are very small and the ones we have trouble with are those that are in the wrong place in our bodies. One parasite in the wrong place causes endometriosis in women, and at the moment that is incurable.


The next size down is bacteria, (seen below) much smaller than parasites.

AuthorIn fact, many bacteria live inside parasites. Living off a parasite, they must be small. Now bacteria replicate very fast in the right conditions and cause all manner of problems in the body. Bacteria are alive and so they need to consume matter in order to live and grow. Yes, they eat you.  I suffered every year from chest infections, which I found out was caused by bacteria. In fact, most infections are caused by bad bacteria (below) eating away at parts of my body.

I had arthritis in my hips many years ago and that is caused by bacteria eating my cartilage.  My consultant told me it was wear and tear that had caused the loss of cartilage, but I was a chronic asthmatic, allergic to the 20th century. I didn’t even like walking, so there was no way my hips were worn out. The bugs ate me. We also have good bacteria that live in the gut and work on processing the food we eat.


Next, we come to viruses. Now, these bugs are small, very very small, but before we get into just how small they are, viruses are unlike parasites and bacteria in that they are NOT ALIVE.

microprocessor chip technologyYou might say they are chemical machines. They do not consume anything; they only work when they interact with a cell.

Virus. Just a shell with its RNA (right)

As you know, all our cells make new cells and the old ones die. Your skin cells renew every 6 weeks, liver cells around 8 months, and the macular in your eye 3 days. There are lists that show them all so we are a continual replicating machine.  When the cells don’t die, we are in trouble and that is called cancer.

How Big Is a Virus?

Back to the virus, how small is it? Well now you know about cells, we have around 30 trillion of them. Now 30 trillion is a big number but to put it into context, one trillion seconds is 34,000 years, so 30 trillion seconds is more than 0ne point two million   (1,2,000,000) years. So 30 trillion cells are very hard to understand how small a human cell is. Now, this COVID-19 virus is 1,000 times smaller than a cell. To us, it is invisible; in fact, a million of them would be invisible to the human eye. And there are millions of different viruses within us. Now here’s a thing, I didn’t think I had many bugs in me, but it turns out we have at least three times as many pathogens (the collective name for all the bugs) as we have cells. 90 trillion, and I thought I had very few. But I live quite happily except when I get run down and catch a cold or flu, so what is going on?

The pH scale (Acid and Alkaline)

Well, it all turns out to be very simple to understand. Our cells contain oxygen and have a working voltage. There is a great book that explains it all called. “Healing is Voltage” by Dr. Jerry Tennant. Our cells also run slightly alkaline and this is what we have to concentrate on. Acidity and alkaline are measured on a pH (power of hydrogen. (don’t ask)) scale. It goes from 1 to 14. 1 is very acidic and 14 is very alkaline. We run at 7.3, slightly alkaline if we measured our blood pH. We can measure your pH with our urine or saliva. These will always measure 0.8 less than blood. So 6.5 would be good.

AmericaBuy some pH strips or a pH meter (Right) to check your own pH. It’s the best way to see how well you are.

Ok, we are working well at a pH of 6.5 so what goes wrong? It turns out to be that as we age, the pH drops. The body tries to balance the pH by taking calcium from the bones or gums. We have become acidic generally because of stress. Stress causes the release of stress hormones, namely cortisol which thickens the blood and makes it acidic. The more stressed you are, the more acidic you become. Too acidic and cancer can occur, but raise your pH to 6.7 and cancer cells go dormant. Raise it to 7.6 and cancer cells die. Incidentally, cells only work when they are compressed. You compress them with movement and exercise and the best exercise you can have is a mini trampoline or rebounder. That really compresses the cells.

When women kiss another person on the lips and exchange fluids, the fluid of an acidic person tastes bitter. Few men notice it. Most women instinctively know that a bitter kiss is a no-no for them. If your partner tastes bitter, then they are probably stressed out.

So what happens when you are acidic? Well, the oxygen in the cells falls and the cells underperform. When the oxygen drops in the body, the bacteria, and parasites that are normally dormant wake up and start to feed. The bacteria multiply and the parasites start to move around. The viruses that are just there, going with the flow of everything and bumping into cells that normally ignore them, start to be taken in by the underperforming cells as food.

The Virus In a Cell

The outer coating of a virus is made from protein (fat). The outer membrane of our cells is also made of fat. Once inside the cell, the cell dismantles the virus absorbing its fat. The RNA list of instructions then goes into the reproduction part of the cell to be used, but instead, the cell’s reproduction system gets changed by this extra piece of code. The cell now starts replicating the virus using its own fat, so the newly made virus emerges from the cell with a different protein shell to the one that went in.

So it has mutated. The more people the virus enters and reproduces, the more the mutations until it is no longer the same as the original virus. That is how the various strains and variants come about. The more infected people, the more mutations and variants there are.

During the covid 19 pandemic, many people were classified as asymptomatic. They had tested positive for the virus but showed no symptoms.  Their pH would have been at 6.5 or more and so their cells did not take in the virus and so the virus just went with the flow to join the millions of other viruses we have within us.

How Can We Remove These Pathogens?

So the parasites and bugs have to eat us to survive and a virus is just a virus that relies on being taken in by a cell.

How do we get rid of these bugs? Well, there are drugs or herbal remedies to kill the parasites, and we have antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The problem with antibiotics is that it is mould, and mould in the body is not very good.  One dose of anti-biotics can ruin the stomach flora for a year. Anti-biotic (penicillin) was discovered by Alexander Fleming. He would never have found it but for the fact, he was not very clean in his work. He took a petri dish and put some bacteria on it to see its progress of growth. He put it on his windowsill and went home for the night.

The next day he saw the bacteria had grown all around a tiny piece of mould that he hadn’t cleaned in the petri dish, the rest is history.

Now we come to viruses. Remember the outer coating of the virus is made up of our own cell’s protein, so to use a drug that destroys protein can be a very dangerous thing to do. So what they used to do was take pieces of the virus’s outer protein shell and inject them into us. Our immune system recognised it as an intruder and eliminated it. It also marked it in the memory bank, so if it saw it again, it would eliminate it immediately. The problem was the efficiency is not very good. The flu vaccine is only 40-50 percent efficient. But now they have come up with something they call mRNA vaccine.

They took an adenovirus (a cold virus) and modified the RNA with a memory (mRNA) When it is taken into a cell, it causes the cell to make antibodies which are released and patrol our bodies looking for the virus it has been programmed to gobble up. Pharma also had to add billions of spike proteins (the spikes on the virus) and something else that causes us to go acidic so the cells would take in the modified cold virus. Check your pH before and after an mRNA vaccine and see the difference. Usually, it is 6.5 and goes down to 5.5. It stays like that for a couple of days before returning to normality.

The new antibodies collect any viruses (or parts of) they find and then they go through the lymphatic system to be excreted from the body. Sounds great, but they don’t know how many antibodies each cell will produce or if the cell will carry on producing antibodies. And therein lies the problem with mRNA vaccines, What happens down the road? They never did any animal testing because it takes 2-4 years. I am writing this book in April 2021.

Back To The Future Medicine. Bio-Resonance

So now we come to this small electric current that is supposed to kill the parasites and bacteria and destroy the viruses. Does it work? and if so how? Well, it’s just any old electricity, it is alternating electricity that produces a sinewave.  It alternates from positive to negative and back again.

Now Nikola Tesla invented alternating current way back in the early 1900s and ever since then humankind has been using it to help the body.  The frequencies used were called bio-resonance because they resonated with the body’s own system.

In 1930s America, bio-resonance therapy grew so much that every town had a bio-resonance therapist working in it to cure people of most of the ailments they had.

The fledgling drug companies of the time were suffering and so two eminent gentlemen of the 1930s who owned these drug companies protested to congress. The Supreme Court then outlawed the energy machines and therapies, and in some states, they are still banned.  Bio-resonance is still shut down when it re-appears.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Roll on to the 1980s and look at Dr. Hulda Clark. She was a herbalist and used her herbs to kill parasites and bacteria. One day she saw a film showing an opera singer breaking a glass with her voice. The opera singer had hit the resonant frequency of the glass and caused the bonds that hold the atomic structure of the glass to break and the glass shattered.

Dr, Clark thought, I wonder if I can do that to my bugs?  All I have to do is find the resonant frequency of each bug, set up a signal generator to output that frequency and the bonds would break and destroy the bugs.

Wonderful, but first she had to find the resonant frequency of each bug so she invented a device called a syncrometer. Many people have made them over the years and this picture is the latest model available on eBay Author

It took a long time to find the frequencies but when she had enough she set about killing the bugs with her signal generator.

Then she started testing it on some of her clients. First, she used the syncrometer to identify what bugs her client had ( if they had used syncrometers to identify COVID-19, we would have been out of it by now, but again there is no money in it and it is not patentable.)  Then Dr. Clark set the relevant frequency on her signal generator and destroyed the bugs. She says that it could take a very long time to kill all the pathogens in the body, and it did.

Her son had grown up and had been helping his mother with her work. He had learned about electronics and set about making a portable device. He made a device that would run on a tiny 9-volt PP3 battery,. They also found that using a square wave that never went negative would destroy a lot of the bugs all at the same time.

Dr. Clark’s Frequency

They then came across a frequency that worked on most bugs, 30kH Frequency is as it says – frequent. So the pulse goes up and down frequently at 30,000 times a second. If it goes up and down it is a vibration, (shaking)

The tiny 9-volt battery produces a very small current in microamps. (one-millionth of an amp) so small that only very few people can sense it. None can feel it.

Now you know how small these bugs are, but the very low-powered frequency of 30kHz does the job, it shakes the bugs to pieces, including viruses. In fact, any frequency between 1kHz and 500kHz would work, but 30kHz is optimum.

Dr. Clark saw her clients recover from many illnesses after she used her device on them. The device also did what her herbs couldn’t do and that was to destroy viruses.

To test the devices, she bought from laboratories living specimens of the bugs, but when it came to viruses they were not alive, but they still had a resonant frequency. She had a herpes virus which she could always feel, but she felt it go when she used her generator She always had a problem with the cold virus and could never quite get to grips with it. Now she had.

It has been confirmed over the years that viruses are not alive and thanks to Dr Clark we know they have a resonant frequency and can be destroyed using a particular waveform, frequency, and power.

So there you have it, a tiny electric current, so small you can’t feel it working, kills your parasites and bad bacteria (the current cannot reach the good bacteria in the gut as they are in liquid) and it destroys viruses including Covid-19, all its mutations and variants.

Dr. Clark was hounded by the authorities in the USA as this bio-resonance had surfaced again and big pharma had no intention of letting it grow.  They said that she had evaded a court case and fled to Mexico. She wanted a court case so more people would know what she was doing. They had revoked her licence to practice and so she went to Mexico, but she was hounded out and went to live in California.

Dr Clark then wrote her books, the most notable one being “The Cure For All Diseases”. Not something you would buy just by looking at the title, but you should never judge a book by its cover.

As for her devices, her syncrometer has been made by many people and is available on eBay and the portable generator has also been made by many thousands of people all over the world.

I bought one from a chap who made them in his shed. I give talks on my Rone therapy to various groups and I started to tell them about bio-resonance. Most people I talked to bought one and are glad they did now that we have the covid virus, which it destroys very easily.


The New Self-Contained Portable Frequency Generator

I first bought a device from someone who made them in his shed, but I couldn’t find anyone who mass-produced them, so I looked for a company that could build them for me. The result is the Resonator (shown right)America

which you can buy from resonator.uk  It uses the very latest microprocessor chip technology and retails at £90 plus p&p. Most devices range from £60 to £24,000 but that one has a type of syncrometer built in.

What did The Resonator Do For Me?

The first thing I noticed was that my body odour had gone. This is strange because we are taught it is the bacteria that builds up and reacts with sweat and oils to grow and multiply when the sweat reacts with bacteria on the skin. I still perspire, but it no longer smells. The smell is caused by bad bacteria.

It has increased my sense of smell which had become less and less over the years. (Scientists have now found that losing your sense of smell is the first sign of many brain diseases, Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, etc.)  Here is a link to a BBC report (click here My mind has become sharper, I’m not losing so many words now and my memory has improved.  My limbs have become suppler, and I feel lighter. I no longer have a neck spasm that used to wake me in the night. I now feel like a 45-year-old in a 77-year-old body,.

From the people who have bought a Resonator, I have had many reports of it curing their Covid-19 within 24 hours. Herpes, HIV Lyme Disease, etc. Many who suffered from long-term pains from past accidents have found they have gone, and one report of bad acid reflux – gone.  Chest infections, and many other skin infections – are gone. Of people who had had the vaccine for covid, some used the Resonator immediately after having the jab and had no side effects, some didn’t use their Resonator and had bad aftereffects, and two were in bed for five days. If every home had a Resonator, there could never be another pandemic.

If I were to write everything that the Resonator can remove, this would be a very long book. There are some links on Resonator.uk website to all the diseases that pathogens cause. So unlike modern medicine which deals with the symptoms of a disease with drugs or surgery,  the Resonator goes a long way to removing the cause, and it is the only complete cure for Covid-19.

Buy one to keep on standby for the next time you feel unwell, or use it now if you have long-term illnesses. It is guaranteed for a year, so if you don’t like it, send it back.  Resonator.uk  You spend all your life trying to earn enough to retire comfortably, yet most of you spend it trying to stay well enough to enjoy it. In the world we live in, you can own it all, but without your good health, you have nothing.

Author   Anthony Grant – Developer of Rone Therapy   Senior Therapist at Life Enhancers.

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