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The word cancer strikes fear into most people. The fear often causes cancer to grow, as negative emotions increase the acidity in the body.

At Life Enhancers, we remove all your fears and worries you might have, so you can concentrate on becoming less acidic.

You will think clearer and look upon cancer, not as a terminal illness, but something in my body has gone wrong. You can then help your body to repair itself as it is a self-repairing mechanism. (yes it is easily done.)

Learning how to become less acidic until it reaches a pH of 6.7 (salivary or urine) will cause your cancer cells to become dormant. This is well known to the scientific community as is when your pH becomes 7.8 your cancer cells will die.

Like all things, when you know how, it’s easy. We will show you how to achieve a pH of 6.7 which can be achieved in a week and then go on to 7.8. It may take a while (between 8 months and a year) but at least you know now that it is easily done and cancer need be feared no more.

Of all the above, removing the negative emotions, (which probably caused your cancer as nearly all chronic diseases start with negative emotion), may be the most difficult, but Life Enhancers make it as easy as a one on one session of a few hours, and then ongoing help on becoming alkaline.

Because you have lived in a society where health is run by the NHS, (which is run by the pharmaceutical companies) you probably don’t believe a word of the above, but we use quantum medicine (not the NHS Newtonian medicine) and we know it is all true.

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