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Life Enhancers are the world’s foremost authority at removing depression and we guarantee to remove your depression in one session with RONE™ Therapy.

There have been many studies about depression. These studies have proved that therapies are far better than anti-depressants. Many therapies give people coping skills that work to a point. It depends on whether the problem that caused the depression has been removed. Most therapies fail this very necessary requirement.

If asked “what do you think caused your depression” most people will answer what their problems are. There are too many answers to put here, but whatever the cause, in 99% of cases Life Enhancers are able to remove the cause instantly with RONE™ Therapy.

With clinical depression, the dark times of feeling lost, feeling you have no control, unwanted unworthy etc. along with anger, fear, worry, guilt etc. All these feelings and emotions are easily removed in one session which will cover your entire life’s negativities. If you have undetermined aches and pains, they will go as well, because the negativity will have manifested itself in pain. When the negative emotions are removed, contentment arrives. People will see and feel you are no longer a depressive.

It is unknown to most people that when a person is suffering from depression they emit a negative energy. This is felt by sensitive people, mostly women. They tend to keep away from the depressive because some can absorb the energy the depressive is giving out. This, in turn, can cause pain in the sensitive one, but they are generally unaware of the cause. If you are one of the afflicted sensitive ones, we can remove all of your absorbed emotions and pain as well.

After the session, if you become susceptible to the thoughts that give you depression again, you will be able to remove them simply with RONE™ yourself. Each negative thought will take around 30 seconds for you to remove. Without those thoughts, there can be no depression. If you need help a Life Enhancer will be there for you for the following year at no extra charge.

In western medicine, depression is considered to be incurable. At Life Enhancers we cure you, the depression then is no more.

Where pain is expensive! (Andy Murray)

One of Britain’s greatest tennis players has been forced to quit the US open because of hip pain. Professional sports people of the highest degree often suffer the same problem, but no one seems to recognise the cause. The symptom is pain, but the cause is emotional in 99% of cases. Take Andy, he tries […]

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Drug taking and alchohlism


We remove an alcoholic’s need or want for alcohol and a drug user’s need for drugs in a few hours. Sounds impossible? we’ve been doing it for seventeen years!

Addiction is sometimes classified as a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. Addictions are initially perceived as being inherently positive, desirable, and pleasurable.

With drugs, they generally start because the person wants to remove pain brought on by negative emotions (although they may not realise it) Opioid abuse is becoming the biggest drug epidemic the developed world has seen, due to lack of work.

Alcohol or pot or drugs may be used to suppress the negative thoughts, but without the drug, they always return, so more drugs are consumed.

The above is from an accredited source, but neither drugs nor alcohol is addictive!

An experiment called Rat Park was conducted over 50 years ago to prove the point but the authorities forgot to mention it.

When we remove all your negative thoughts/emotions which cause pain, fear, doubt, insecurity, shame, lack of self-esteem, etc. there is nothing left for the drugs or alcohol to remove.

In most other therapies dealing with a depressive alcoholic/drug user, the alcohol/drug problem must be dealt with first because of the greater problem of removing the depression. (if it can be done at all) Yes with other therapies it is extremely difficult, but with RONE™ therapy we remove the cause of the alcoholism/drug use which is the depression/problems – first. The alcohol/drug use is no longer needed.

The opioid problem will continue even though there are many other drugs out there that relieve pain equally as well. The problem is the pains are usually caused by physically manifested negative emotions. (bad thoughts and feelings)

The opioids are much the same as heroin etc. and so these drugs subdue the negative emotions. As the negative emotions are subdued by the opioid, the body no longer feels the pain, but when the course of opioids stops, the negative emotions are revealed and the pain returns

A new course of opioids then removes the negatives and again the pain goes, this would then be called – addiction.  People just want to rid themselves of the terrible negative emotions they have – but they can’t without their drugs.

The answer to this enormous problem is to remove the negative emotions without drugs and the pain will go as well. Using RONE™THERAPY we have proved that removing the negative emotions, which takes one session of a few hours also removes the pain.

If it sounds impossible, it used to be, but then it used to be impossible to fly until the Wright brothers came along. Life changes and that is what we do, change your life.

Over the years we have helped many people remove their alcohol/drug problems in a few hours and return to their normal lives.

If you want a quick rehab to remove your use of drugs or alcohol from your life in less than a day, contact us now. It will be as simple as pushing a button.

Removal of Stress

Stress is the major problem suffered today.

Stress may be defined as “the adverse reaction people have to pressures or other types of demands placed on them”. Anything that puts you into indecision, unresolved matters and in some people, excessive exercise cause stress.

People react to different situations in different ways. What you find to be difficult and a bit beyond your ability, to others will be easy and enjoyable. They are happy  –  you are stressed. As you sit reading this you probably know your own personal stress button and if you are suffering.

On the other hand, a person who is suffering stress-related symptoms might not always recognise them.

Symptoms such as loss or gain of weight, disturbed sleep patterns, emotional upheaval, feelings of tightness in the chest, continual stomach churning, sensation of choking, high heart rate, irritable bowel, giddiness and nausea, may not be recognised as stress related, before the onset of serious mental illness and heart disease.

Anything that makes you not feel right, so long as it is not caused by ingested substances, is probably the beginning of stress.

Stress causes negative emotions, which can cause physical pain and other problems, firstly minor and then major.

The statement: Stress may be defined as “the adverse reaction people have to pressures or other types of demands placed on them”

The words adverse reaction is the problem. Take away the adverse reaction and there is no stress. It is all about how you personally handle the problems.

In just one session Life Enhancers can take away the stress and physical aches and pains you have. We make you see things another way. If you are over-reacting to a normal situation, we will bring you back to normality.

Not only will we take away all the bad emotions you have permanently; we will empower you to remove any future stress, adverse reactions, physical aches and pains within 30 seconds or so. In other words, you will be in control of you.

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