Ken’s Story

This is Ken’s story ..

Ken was given early retirement because of ill health. He had used his day by making up word games and crosswords.

He wanted to stop smoking, as it was becoming dangerous. Living on his own he was having difficulty in holding a cigarette continually dropping them when his hands had pain spasms.

The pains in his hands had become worse and worse. Eventually the day arrived when he could no longer use his word processor. He had been slowing down over the last year and then he came to a full stop. Smoking increased as he tried to occupy his mind with other things. 40 cigarettes a day was usual.

Arthritis was the diagnosis, he had been using painkillers but that didn’t help the restricted movement in his hands.

During the first session, 95% of the smoking habit had been removed and after explaining the immobility in his hands the Life Enhancer asked if he wanted the pain to be removed and the mobility returned. He hadn’t realised that it was possible.

The Life Enhancer removed the pain and the mobility in his hands returned. He was programmed to use RONE™ if ever the pain returned.

By the second session a week later, his smoking had come down to 2 or three a day. The Life Enhancer then removed the want of a cigarette totally. Ken reported the arthritic pain in his hands had gone completely and he could use his keyboard better than he had done for years.

Ken never came for a third session as he said there was no reason to.


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