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Mr. S M.A. Testimony

Dear Tony Thank you very much for the RONE therapy. It has not only made a difference in my life since my sessions with you, it has increased my contentment and wellbeing enormously. I can easily recommend it for everyone else. Yours sincerely Mr. S M.A. of Buckinghamshire

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Mr. R Emsworth’s Testimony

Dear Tony and Sue I write to you seven months after our first meeting. That was January 2005 just after the New Year break. For me this had become a bad time, I knew I was becoming low and depressed and had to do something about it before it overtook me and I was then […]

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Richard’s Story

This is Richard’s story .. Richard is a very good sales person; having risen through the ranks he eventually ran the company. He had to travel abroad four or five times a year and always had to dose himself up with pills and alcohol before he could get on a plane. He could put up […]

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Jean’s Story

This is Jean’s story .. Standing 5’ 6” and weighing 15 stone Jean had a weight problem. Her childhood had been unhappy; her father had died when she was 12. Her mother and brother had become alcoholics. Her brother died of liver failure 3years ago. Her mother passed away last year. She was a depressive […]

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John’s Story

This is John’s story .. John was a smoker, smoked during the working day, never at home, nearly always when driving. His job as a sales person entailed his contacting companies and talking to the decision-maker. The larger the company the less able he was to phone them. When he positively had to he failed […]

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Ken’s Story

This is Ken’s story .. Ken was given early retirement because of ill health. He had used his day by making up word games and crosswords. He wanted to stop smoking, as it was becoming dangerous. Living on his own he was having difficulty in holding a cigarette continually dropping them when his hands had […]

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