John’s Story

This is John’s story ..

John was a smoker, smoked during the working day, never at home, nearly always when driving. His job as a sales person entailed his contacting companies and talking to the decision-maker. The larger the company the less able he was to phone them. When he positively had to he failed in his objective.

Imagine how he felt, a good sales person with the smaller companies, but he couldn’t increase his turnover because he lacked the confidence when talking to people who in his eyes were far superior to himself and so he was never far short of being asked to leave his job.

During his first session the Life Enhancer discovered John was dyslexic. Having taken away his lack of confidence, and most of the smoking habit, it became necessary for John to read a few paragraphs. He read like a seven-year-old. He said his spelling was very poor. After fifteen minutes or so John was able to read more fluently, but because of his lack of reading his pronunciation was poor. He said he had been trying to read a book for ages.

A week later John had his second session. The first thing he said was that he had read his entire book over the weekend and his spelling was improving.

He had no confidence problems talking to anyone, (even girls, with whom he previously had a problem.) His performance figures at work had shot up by 40% in the last week.

He had one cigarette and that was after he’d had a few drinks. He had no desire to smoke at any other time.

He was also eating 90% of the correct foods for him and had found that when he went to the gym his ability to run distance in time had increased by 20%.

During his third visit he told me he’d had another cigarette the last time he’d had a few drinks, but that was because his girl smoked and that was the last. He is now able to drink and not smoke. He has no desire to smoke. He is now a non-smoker and because of that he feels healthier.

As he eats the correct food, he notices the world around him, and getting lost in his car is a thing of the past as he can read his map and road signs better. If he does lose his way, he no longer panics. John has a new life; to him it’s what he’s always been – only better.


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