Richard’s Story

This is Richard’s story ..

Richard is a very good sales person; having risen through the ranks he eventually ran the company. He had to travel abroad four or five times a year and always had to dose himself up with pills and alcohol before he could get on a plane. He could put up with that but using motorways, his pills and drink were a no – no. The day GPS navigation was available was a godsend because he could easily find a route without using motorways.

One day he unknowingly had to visit a company on the 15th floor of a building. The stairs were for emergency use only and his fear of lifts made sure he never made it to the 15th floor.

After 30 years of dodging here and there, he knew he could no longer carry on supporting his fears, something had to be done. He had gone through his life making excuses for his fears.

During his first session the Life Enhancer removed 90% of Richard’s fears. In order to assess the progress, the Life Enhancer accompanied him to a tall building. Richard entered the lift, pressed the button for the top floor. Having been programmed he was able to eliminate an unreported fear whilst he was in the lift. At the top he was able to eliminate the remainder of his fear of heights and look out of a window with no fear at all.

The Life Enhancer then accompanied him on a motorway drive to the airport. His fear of a traffic jam and nowhere to go had gone. Using RONE™, Richard eliminated the remainder of his fear of flying and for the first time he was able to appreciate the scenery below.

The Life Enhancer telephoned Richard later that day to enquire how he felt, He had Roned a few times between entering the airport and landing as he felt each fear arising, and the fears disappeared.

Fears and phobias once removed properly never return. Guaranteed.

This was a one off seven-hour session as Richard was in Spain for the next six months and his fears have all gone.


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