Jean’s Story

This is Jean’s story ..

Standing 5’ 6” and weighing 15 stone Jean had a weight problem. Her childhood had been unhappy; her father had died when she was 12. Her mother and brother had become alcoholics. Her brother died of liver failure 3years ago. Her mother passed away last year.

She was a depressive and ate to comfort herself.

The first session was four hours, during which the Life Enhancer was able to make her feel better about herself and take away the lack of self worth. This in turn takes away the comfort need to eat.

Three weeks later eating 90% of the correct foods, and using RONE™ as she felt an anxiety appear, Jean said that she had lost two dress sizes. She had more energy and had for the first time realised the world was a pretty wonderful place. The Life Enhancer went through other anxieties she hadn’t realised were affecting her, eliminating them one by one.

During the third session a month later, Jean had lost more weight and was now 100% on the correct foods to eat. Her depression that she had suffered for so long had gone and she had been promoted at work.

Her personality had changed totally, from being a introverted depressive to someone who could look at life and make the necessary changes as and when they presented themselves. She was also very noticeably thinner.

In six months to a year, she will be down to her natural weight and with eating the correct foods and using RONE™ will remain a slim happy lady.


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