Mrs S. Of Havant

Dear Tony

This is to say how pleased I am after two weeks of having the RONE treatment. I have tried various forms of alternative therapy over the years, but this the best.

At the onset I was a little sceptical like most people perhaps, but I am really delighted with the result to date. I am sleeping better since the the treatment and have not had to resort to the sleeping pill I took regularly.

I awake each morning full of energy, without the usual aches and pains I have been suffering for many years in my leg, back and buttock, and no discomfort when walking up and down stairs.. I can now enjoy my walks again and not rely on the car all the time.

I am 71 years of age and felt I wanted to take care of my own life and health before time ran out, with the aim to stay fit and well for as long as possible. The NHS is unfortunately falling many people and I feel it is likely to get worse.

Once again a big thank you and for giving me peace of mind knowing I can visit you anytime in the future without costing me a penny.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs S of Havant.

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